Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Is there a Yankees blog?

I want to start this out by being a little cheesy. Besides my friends blogs, Matt Cerrone of www.metsblog.com is what made me want to start blogging. Matt Cerrone success means to me that if you are interesting and write on the internet, there is a small chance that you can attract a strong audience. Matt Cerrone started as an independant blog, and is now a very significant part of Mets culture. Enough of being a kiss ass though. What I find especially odd is that I do not think there is a Yankees equivalent to Mets blog. There are seemingly so many more Yankees fans than Mets fans, why is there no major blog. There is no way I could get my Mets information from Mets.com or ESPN.com. Metsblog is so much more inside than any other source could be. What up Yankees fans? Someone out there jump on this, you can become famous. 

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