Sunday, February 8, 2009

Deli Selects Ham from Costco

I recently took a trip to Costco, and bought a double pack of ham, much like the ham pictured. On the front of the double pack it says "Enough for 15 Hearty Sandwiches." Have you ever heard something more ridiculous? Believe me Deli Selects, I have made 3 sandwiches that have left me hungry after 3 hours, and I am halfway through your meat. Don't act as if "Hearty" is a valid form of measurement. I don't even think this pack of meat would make "15 Hearty Sandwiches" in Zimbabwe. I will give you the benefit of the doubt and say that the pack of meat makes 5 "Hearty Sandwiches" at best, and 8 "Mediocre sandwiches." That is all for tonight. Ken man out!


Ryan said...

Ken Man out? Is that your new sign off line?

Ry-Man out!

theomegachrist said...

Probably not, I was tired. Not sure Ken man sounds cool. I will think of a good one though soon.