Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Screw the kids!

I have been meaning to make this blog for about a month and a half now, after my good friend Dennis (of and I had a disagreement at a bar. It was brought back to my attention after a recent message board post at regarding Michael Phelps being caught smoking weed.

About a month ago I read that 28 of the NFL teams instituted a policy where they would have a txt message number set up, so that if someone becomes drunk and loud you can report them, and have them kicked out from the stadium. This is somewhat understandable if not abused because drunk people can be dangerous if they get riled up enough, but my friend Dennis stated that kids should not have to see drunk people at football games.

I say screw the kids. "What about the children?", This is just something people say, and no one means. Do we really think this through? I feel like we live in a country of knee jerk preprogrammed reactions.

Violent video games. What about the kids?

Racial humor. What about the kids?

What ever happened to personal responsibility? Why are parents so afraid to take care of their on children?

Is it just me? I can't imagine a reasonable person text messaging an NFL team and telling on a drunk person. Are we really promoting becoming tattlers?

What is going to happen if your child sees a drunk person? I'll tell you what. Nothing. I can understand if a drunk person gets out of hand, and causes a real issue, but how often does that happen?

Michael Phelps got caught smoking weed. So what? Why is that a story? You know what it shows to me? That maybe the media tries to scare us about drugs and alcohol a little too much, and maybe it is not that dangerous. If a guy can set Olympic records I think we should lay off judging him.

Another problem are people who write companies boycotting their products. Usually some public figure such as Michael Phelps, or Don Imus gets into some dicey situation, and a small amount of people try to hurt them personally. In these situations I have never met a reasonable person who would write letters complaining. I have to assume that these babies are in the extreme minority yet usually companies react in a knee jerk manner and do the wrong thing. I believe Michael Phelps will probably skate just because of what a national hero he is, but guys like Don Imus weren't so lucky.

We have to worry about the children, so we can't make racial jokes, show nudity on tv, curse, or talk about sex. If children hear this, who knows how they will ever recover. We wonder why we are in so much trouble as a nation? I believe it is because we are so soft we cannot even be honest with ourselves. People drink, and use recreational drugs and live fine and normal lives. People make racially insensitive jokes that are hilarious. People curse and have sex. If your child asks about this, there is no need to panic, you just explain to them the situation in the most elementary way and their life should continue unaffected. Hey I am no parent. but I am pretty sure that is common sense. Stop the panic and think for yourselves and everything will be fine. It is time we take back a little self respect as a company and celebrate freedom, and not tattle on your neighbor.


Ryan said...

Two stories on this topic - The first time I went to a Giants game, I was like 7or 8 and all I wanted to see was LT since he was the best. I had no real understanding of football as I was 7 other than I liked the Giants to spite my father b/c he's a Jet fan. I'm sure there were drunk people around but I didn't care b/c I was a little kid don't get offended by anything - not drunk people, all they care about is seeing coked up LT sack the QB.

Second story - My sister and I went to an Old Timers Day at Yankee Stadium with my dad and his bar friends. So it was a long hot day in July, and people have been drinking all day and are drunk, one of the drunks spilled a beer on my sister, and she gets all upset. That ended up being the last time she went to a Yankees game during our childhood which worked out to be a good thing for me.

So in sumation - I had no problem with rowdy drunks at sporting events when I was little b/c it led to more Yankee games for me or I was too fascinated with Lawrence Taylor.

Afif said...

WORD @ everything in this post.